Brian Powell

Advocate of ideas with business
and social impact

Co-owner and Managing Partner, Matchfire – an award-winning design and digital agency specializing in social purpose with offices in Dallas, NYC and San Luis Obispo

Marketing Advisor to social enterprise start-ups and non-profits including Kanarys (diversity + inclusion tech platform), Cforce water (Chuck Norris’ water benefitting his charity), Be The Match (operates the national bone marrow transplantation registry), Thnks (business gift giving based on science of gratitude), Livestrong (cancer advocacy), and Solve For Food (clean-label, shelf-stable food)

Non-profit Board Member, and Co-Chair of Marketing & Fundraising Committee of Heart House, a Dallas education nonprofit serving refugee children with social emotional learning

Brian Powell Bio

Brian is an integrated marketing leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong advocate of ideas with business and social impact. His career spans branding, product development, advertising, business development, promotions, digital, and cause marketing for some of the most iconic brands including Pizza Hut, American Heart Association, Adobe, UNICEF, Nokia, Electrolux, Caesars Entertainment, Livestrong, Dr Pepper, Alzheimer’s Association,, Make A Wish, American Airlines, and more. He has a passion for collaborating with start-ups and emerging brands to find and articulate their true purpose that enables sustainable growth.

Brian is the Managing Partner of Matchfire, a design and digital agency focused on social purpose. He is a board member of Heart House, an education nonprofit serving refugee children, and a Guest Lecturer on marketing with meaning at SMU and The University of Texas. Prior to Matchfire, Brian held senior positions at TracyLocke, cofounded a design consultancy, and started his career at The Richards Group. He graduated with High Honors from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Science in Advertising and a minor in Business.

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